Specialized Impact Window and Glazing


Clear view up to 32 sq. ft.
Any shape up to 32 sq. ft. max
4-1/4″ wide frame in stainless
High design pressure +- 100
Bullet proof glass up to Level 8
Glass Makeup Options: monolithic or insulated
Flexible glazing system (see Florida approval)
Flexible cladding finish for aluminum AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605
Finish Options for stainless steel 316: brushed or mirror
Printed, tinted, or opaque glass available
Can be installed with no jam anchor

Solarium options available

UL Certified
FIRE-SWISS / 60 minutes of fire protection

Potential Use Cases:
Residential or commercial
Used for zero line lot
Parking garage
Stair case
Fire escape exit