Glass Flood Wall


A Unique, Passive System that is Always Ready to Protect your Investments

Design with multiple options:

• Water height up to 8′-0′ by 17′-6′ wide
• Glass curvature to accommodate design or field condition
• No cap to create infinity view
• High quality structural silicon
• Fabrication with low iron glass for best view
• Ability to print customized designs directly onto the glass
• Coated with glass protectant to reduce staining
• Highest aluminum finishing standards in the industry – AAMA 2605

Potential Use Cases:
• In front of commercial beach front lots for protection of restaurants, retailers, roads,
walkways, and more
• Placement in front of high-end property for protection of landscaping
• Placement behind buildings facing water in order to prevent damage
• Protection of historic vestige, art work, and additional priceless collections
• Protection from sea level rise, high tide, and riverine flooding
• Protection of critical facility and public service buildings from hurricanes,
flash floods, and other natural disasters